Thursday, August 14, 2008

I give it five stars for the gigantic amoebic plastic bag

If watching people in fedoras flounce around the stage and flap around on inflated blobs of plastic is your thing, then maybe you should get along to the State Theatre to see Land's End. Sometimes, the characters also flop around in the giant inflated blobs of plastic, too, or come out of the giant blobs of plastic, or do significant dances in front of flowing waves of plastic, or catch giant fish which, for no particular reason, fall into their hands.

Land's End is certainly a deep and meaningful show. For instance, at one point, five men dance around the stage wearing large pipes, which is a metaphor for the human condition of people who wear large pipes.

I give the show five stars for the gigantic amoebic plastic bags.

The music wasn't bad either.


forlorn said...

This is news to me too. I admit that I may be out of touch with youth culture, but I've always been under the impression that the purpose of Red Bull is that it is mixed with the alcohol so that the youthful punter does not realise quite how drunk (s)he is getting until it is too late.

I don't know why they can't all have a nice glass of port!

(Incidentally, have a look at the exterior of the Annandale Hotel when next you're in Sydney for something which really pushes the bounds of responsible advertising).

forlorn said...

Err, I'm sorry. That comment was for the post above.

TimT said...

Now I'm torn over whether to post the comments in this thread or the one above. Oh, the agony!

Though I was strangely shocked and horrified at both of these comments above (how could they say such things about alcohol!), things aren't all that bad for the nation's youth. I remember leaving work one afternoon and passing some teenage schoolkids hanging around outside North Melbourne station. The pimpled boy pulled a bottle of, I think, Midori out of a brown paper bag.

"Aw, luv yewwwwww!" exclaimed his similarly-bepimpled paramour as he handed the liquor over to her.

They're going to go far, those kids. As far as Flinders Street station, at least.

forlorn said...

Geez, he was obviously really keen on the girl if he was prepared to shell out for a whole bottle of Midori! And they say chivalry is dead! If he had managed to let her take a swig first, he would have been perfect.

Apologies for any agony my posting sloppiness may have caused you.

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