Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reader quiz! Can you spot the spelling mistake?



Tim said...

It's meant to be a b but you were typing while looking in a mirror?

Maria said...

I thought it was meant to be a q. But you typed standing on your head. And you then need to make sure you have a "u" handy, very likely it will be needed.

TimT said...

The first letter in the sentence isn't capitalised, though I'm not sure whether that counts as a spelling mistake.

Also, the last letter in the sentence is in lower case, so things more or less even out.

Maria said...

Here I'll spot the spelling mistake for you.


I'll even spot it twice


TimT said...

Looks like in my attempt to spot the spelling mistake I spelled the spotting mistake. Damn!

redsaid said...

Should've been double d. That's how I pretend to spell my chest size, har har.

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