Friday, August 15, 2008

Red Bullshit

Never mind how I heard it, and never mind how I got there, but today, I happened to be listening to talkback radio - from Brisbane no less - and a girl of eighteen years old talking about how she always drank several cans of Red Bull before going to a nightclub, and how people who drank Red Bull were so much better than the poor schmos who drank alcohol at nightclubs. (Alcohol? It's, like, that stuff that gets you drunk and stuff? That makes you go, like, a bad psycho, while Red Bull makes you go a good psycho?)

It put me in mind of a conversation I overheard earlier in the week, on the tram, by a girl seventeen years of age. (Though conversation may be the wrong word here, it implies something a little too - two-sided for this particular talk.) "Alcopops is, like, soooo fattening. Did you know Midoris have as much fat in them as a Krispy Kreme Donut?". Straight afterwards, she hastened to explain: "I don't even drink them, anyway!"

I think we all learned something from that conversation. Myself and the rest of the train, I mean. I still don't know what that something was. I hope I never know.


Maria said...

Does Red Bull make your BullShit read?

Perhaps certain writers/journos/advertisers and pollies ought to be drinking it by the crateful!

TimT said...

Money walks, and Red Bullshit talks?

Steve said...

Tim, did you notice my Red Bull post today? Makes your blood "sticky" apparently, and that's officially Not a Good Thing. Very odd.

ras said...

Funny what you overhear on the Train and the Tram, the funniest i heard was when i just moved down here, two Emo's one girl so obviously in love with the guy saying
"I think i'm going to do what you do and just be single, cause you know being in a relationship gives me like a pain in my heart, just here".

Being the unseasoned the commuter I was I scoffed aloud and they promptly left the train.

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