Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spirit of dumb

Euphemisms I never want to see again:

The Olympic dream
Working families
Mum and dad investors
Change you can believe in
The spirit of Christmas
The Olympic ideal
The spirit of the Olympics.


Tim said...

I second that emotion.

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

A phrase I never wish to hear ever again would be "dog whistle politcs". The all purpose excuse for every Radical to project their fears onto any speech like a political Rorschach test.

TimT said...

There are just so many dumb euphemisms they use in the mass media. They're a handy substitute for thought, mostly.

I expect the phrase 'dog whistle politics' won't be used for some time, along with 'wedge politics', at least until another conservative politician as successful as Howard comes along.

Maria said...

I'm beginning to think of Kevin Rudd as a bit of a euphemism nowadays.

TimT said...

Yes, he's a walking euphemism in search of a personality.

Tony said...

Angel Of The Pool is being beaten to within an inch of its starting block.

Anonymous said...

Euphemism Rachel never wants to see again

Mark Latham's Ladder of Opportunity

I'm back blogging again too, a nice little caustic commentary post is awaiting you!

Maria said...

"Recession we had to have" - yuk

TimT said...

When in opposition, Alexander Downer once renamed a paper on domestic violence from 'The things that matter' to 'The things that batter'.

Very tactful man, our Downer. Later, he became Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister!

Maria said...

I wonder if our new Asian languages budget will go towards Downer puns and witticisms in Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Mandarin?

Downer could be given the job of coming up with even more Thai restaurant punny names.

The Thaitanic which was in Pitt St recently disappeared - I fear it sank with all hands on deck. Perhaps we need something a little more optimistic. Perhaps we could run a comp on Thai restaurant punny names! Ones you've seen around or ones you'd like to see - let's all chip in.

And Downer can call his fish 'n' chips shop - "The things that Batter"

Maria said...

For instance - Aussie fusion Thai "Thai Me Kangaroo Down Sport"
For Formal Thai "Black Thai Dining"

An oldies retreat restaurant "Re-Thai-ment Village!"

nailpolishblues said...

Direct from my workplace to you: We are currently undergoing a significant Change Journey.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Euphemisms are certainly not the silver bullet they're made out to be.

TimT said...

Down Preston way, there's a similarly-themed restaurant titled 'The Silk Thai'. Ho, ho, ho.

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