Thursday, November 26, 2009

The cat diet, based on my observations of Harriet and Beatrice, with approximate times of consumption

4.30 AM - My toes.

7.30 AM - One another's heads.

10.00 AM - Canned native animal. Preferably the one that the other cat is eating.

1.00 PM - The front page of my latest New Yorker magazine. [NOTE: Only if it's a good cover though.]

8.30 PM - My dinner.

10.30 PM - A toy hamster, taken out to the water bowl, dipped in, and then taken into the bedroom and dumped on the bed for nocturnal snacks.

11.30 PM - My toes.

That's about it I think. As you can see, it contains all five major cat food groups, ie, meaty stuff, stuff the other cat is eating, stuff the other person is eating, stuff the other person is reading, and the other person and/or the other cat.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Nutritious and non-fictitious! (Apart from perhaps The New Yorker.)

TimT said...

And it was a good New Yorker cover too. Shows they have good taste.

Concerned Kitten Co-parent said...

What happened to their Iams Kitten Growth Formula? Why aren't they eating Iams Kitten Growth Formula?

TimT said...

It just kind of... vanishes throughout the day. Can't say I seem them eat it, that much. The level just gradually diminishes in the bowl.

Those kittens, they're a few iams short of a pentameter.

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