Monday, November 23, 2009

Just when I thought I couldn't find a Freudian slip my size

I know of nobody who sticks up for his state more than Mike Rann.
I refer your attention to the above comment by Kevin Rudd on South Australian Premier Mike Rann, following allegations that Rann may have had an affair with a friend. Dr Cat found it. You've all read it? Good.

Now, it's important to bare, I mean, bear in mind that it's a good thing to have a Premier like Mike Rann stick up, I mean, stand up, oops, I mean, be firm, that is, it's good to find a hard man like Rann, that is, it's hard to find a good man like Rann, er, it's difficult to find a good man like Rann who will remain rigid, that is, um, remain there for the people of South Australia. It doesn't matter whether the polls go down on him, er, I mean, whether he goes down on the poles, whoops, whether his pole goes down, ha ha ha, what the polls do, what's important is that Rann has people there rooting for him, er no, Rann is there, rooting for people, um, rooting with people, no, wait, what's important is that Rann gets support through this trying ordeal.

Questions will inevitably be raised about the saucy stories, silly me, the source of the stories, and whether they were the result of opposition members getting in bed with television sources, oh ha ha ha, I mean, whether they were the result of one being seduced by... oh, what I mean is, people might question the source.

Nevertheless, this whole story must be stripped bare, er, must be obscene and served, that is, must be seen and observed by many independent sources, and it is only once we have got to the bottom, that is, once we have underclothed, no, underpanted, no, understood everything that we will be able to come to a final verdict. So we must all be sensuous, um, sensual, no, I mean, sensible, and tit down and stry, er, sit down and try to listen. Only then will we know if the story is utter bollocks, no, I mean utter pants, er, ha ha ha, that is, utter rubbish. After all, we must not burn our bras, that is, burn our bridges, or the public will be absolutely buggered, NO!, I mean, rooted, NONONO!, I mean, stuffed.

At any rate, one thing is absolutely and utterly clear: Rann is screwed.


nailpolishblues said...

It's all very disturbing and I really only saw this on the news because I was interested in the fate of England's bridges - poor bridges!
One thing though, what the hell is wrong with you (and, really I have nothing for or against the man) that you would want to tell the entire country that you boffed Rann? And, really, why would you be so cruel as to share such boring sex with other people? Back to the well as having fascinating bridge problems they have politicians with the grace to do sex scandals properly.
Honestly, the bridges really were far more stimulating and made a better story.

TimT said...

Not sure, but I think the husband of the woman who was having the affair with Rann was the same guy who hit Rann several weeks ago with a rolled up newspaper? Very curious affair, oops, I mean story.

TimT said...

So what sort of bridges? Roman bridges? Stone bridges? Metal bridges? Industrial revolution bridges? What's going on with the bridges? Now I want to know, too!

TimT said...

Here it is. Right across the big issues, this blog.

nailpolishblues said...

Courtesy of Cockermouth, England.


BwcaBrownie said...

Dear WTFF - beautiful work, as always, thank you.
At Dr. Cat's blog the comment by Nabakov 'where was the passion' struck me.
I wonder when politician's will ever learn from history. They really must have faith that we all forget eventually - who was that NSW pollie who took an ex-marital to France and wrote it off as work by visiting a cheese factory?
He knew we'd forget.

The woman who waited on Rann's table was employed above her level of competence. Snivelling on TV about her little boy was so very disgusting compared to/with anything she tried to hang on Rann.

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