Friday, November 27, 2009


Man, the Liberals under Malcolm Turnbull seem to be having so many leadership fights these days that by the time I've got to the end of this sentence Tony Abbott will be leading the party. Obviously, the Liberals must unite under the leadership of Kevin Andrews if they are to have any hope of having Joe Hockey fight Kevin Rudd in the next election. Turnbull's return to the leadership following the failed Hockey experiment may have seemed unlikely at the time, but it is vital that the Liberals put this pointless bickering aside if their leader Peter Dutton, and his deputy, Sophie Mirabella, want to start landing some punches and convincing the electorate that the Mirabella-for-PM push has real force. Why the party eventually settled up Wilson Tuckey as their eventual head we'll never know, but it really is important for all Australians that the Opposition Leader Peter Costello and his shadow cabinet begin to do their job and applying critical scrutiny to the policies of the government, and give the Louise Markus leadership the strength to get the job done.

And if, in years time, we should all look back and observe that all these leadership fights were started over a dispute about the CPRS legislation, a useless scheme which will do nothing about global warming, which may not be happening anyway, then we would be be absolutely right. And where has that ever got anybody?


Mitzi G Burger said...

Floppy fop applause, my good man. Hear, hear.

Dan the VespaMan said...

Now then Tim, raising all this criticism over our politicians. Is it possible you may be pouring the foundations for your own entrance into the political arena? What will be your policies...

- Compulsory poetry in HSC syllabus
- A professional national poetry slam league
- Expansion of the Melbourne tram network with services at intervals no greater than 3 minutes.

Martin Kingsley said...

On the other hand, it makes politics exciting for the first time in a long while!

One goes to bed not knowing which particular dolt one will be faced with in the morning, and more entertaining still is the notion that said dolts are equally in the dark.

I sleep warmly knowing out there in the night are a bunch of politicians shitting themselves endlessly at the sight of all that political quick-sand, and with every subsequent retirement, exchange of fire and voyeuristic close-up on the latest inscrutable expression writ large across Malcolm Turnbull's unconscionably large head, my applause grows louder: carnage! I love it! I want more! Give me more! I'm not-so-secretly rooting in hope of some regrettably short-lived parliamentary fisticuffs.

TimT said...

I must admit the Libs are much more fun in opposition than Labor was. Menzies' child having a tantrum!

Steve said...

Very droll, Tim. I missed it til today, as I have been too busy in trench warfare at Catallaxy.

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