Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pest control

Train station owners! (Who does own train stations, by the way?) You've scared all the juvenile delinquents away with classical music. But what's to keep your station from being overrun by senile delinquents?

Just buy our recording of The Sound of Happy Children Laughing and play it at times of peak old-person use. The Sound of Happy Children Laughing is a proven deterrent for senile delinquents, inspiring feelings of fear and loathing and horror in their wicked, wrinkled old souls. Yes, with The Sound of Happy Children Laughing, your station need never see another senile delinquent again!


Tony said...

They should intersperse The Sound of Happy Children Laughing with The Sound of Grumpy Oldsters Cursing.

Keep it real, train station owners.

TimT said...

Train stations, the perfect place not to be.

Paul said...

That is Tim T brilliance.

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