Friday, November 06, 2009

Pointless political statement of the day

Kate Jones, Queensland Minister for Climate Change:
"As climate change increases, we know that we'll get more extreme weather events."

1) Climate change doesn't 'increase'. The effects of climate change might increase or decrease, but not climate change itself. I'm not sure whether this statement is tautological or illogical.

2) Queensland would get more extreme weather events in the future anyway. There's no necessary link as suggested here.

3) 'Extreme weather events' is a hopelessly vague term, encompassing any slightly unusual weather occurrence, and there is no way of definitively linking any single weather occurrence to climate change.

4) None of this is 'known'.

One sentence, fourteen words, four errors! I wonder if that's a record?


phil said...

We know our changes are increasingly bigger in Queensland.

Chade said...

You mean it's not even wrong...

TimT said...

More bigger better climate change change thanks to Commander Bligh!

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