Wednesday, November 25, 2009


(For Mitzi).

Some like their knickers pink,
Some like their knickers frilly;
Some like them extra extra slinky,
Even though it's chilly.

Some like their knickers frilly,
With small embroidered flowers,
And even though it's chilly,
They'll wear them out all hours,

With small embroidered flowers
(Depending on their tastes).
They'll wear them out all hours
In quite revealing lace.

Depending on their tastes,
Some men wear women's bras,
In quite revealing lace,
While driving in their cars.

Some men wear women's bras,
Others just wear stockings
While driving in their cars -
It's really not that shocking

That some men just wear stockings.
You'll come round to it slowly,
It's really not that shocking:
The Mormons think them holy -

You'll come round to it slowly.
Some like them extra extra slinky
(The Mormons think them holy).
Some like their knickers pink.


Dan the VespaMan said...

Don't forget to change your poems daily, in case you get hit by a verse.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Pantastic! I have yet to master this metre myself, but I love your undergarmentry theme: reminiscent of Ferlinghetti's classic beat poem about "Underwear" and its revolutionary symbolism. (Not the kind that you turn around for back to front reusage - that's far too sustainable for my liking.) Keep up the good work, Timtimmery, Timtimmery, Tim-Tim-Teroo.

TimT said...

Put on a new underpantaloon this morning, Dan, at your advice.

Thanks Mitzi G!

TimT said...

I'm off to see if I can find Ferlinghetti on Underwear (on the net!) :)

Holle said...

Hi! I couldn’t find your blog till just now. I really like ‘Mixed metaphors of the obvious’. Thanks for reading and commenting on clickety ooh uh ha. I’m not gonna put up your comment ’cause I don’t like shooting/ killing. Feel free to comment something else. Going to any open mics soon? Holle

TimT said...

Holle! Good to see you round! Oh yeah, I go to the Dan in Carlton pretty regularly and there's a poetry comp coming up next week that you should totally come too...!

Oh dear. I wonder if I should explain the 'shooting/killing' comment. It was a joke, people! No, really! A JOKE!

Mitzi G Burger said...

Tim, a joker? Noooooooo.

Email: timhtrain - at -

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