Sunday, September 19, 2010

Attention vegetarians

They serve a lentil-based dessert at the Tibetan Yak restaurant, in High Street, Northcote. Soon your fiendish dreams for world domination will come true and every single food source in the world will be made out of lentils.

Q: What's the vegetarian version of a meatlovers pizza?

A: A beet-lovers pizza!

I invented that joke on Wednesday and managed to get a half smile from the half mouth of half of one of the people with me. But maybe that was only because they were being kind and it was my birthday.

UPDATE UPDATE! - Also spotted in Northcote last night, a place selling a 'beef-veggie-burger'. Nice one vegetarians but what's the point if the beef is not made out of lentils? Try harder next time!


Shelley said...

Tedious desserts aside, did they serve Tibetan Yak or was it false advertising?

TimT said...

No yak whatsoever. Most disappointing.

Shelley said...

I hope you left a poem of complaint on the bill.

TimT said...

Not exaaaaactly though I did return an hour or so later to rant and rave at them. By which I mean of course taking my hat off in a supplicatory manner and asking them if they'd seen my jacket that I'd lost, possibly there, possibly at the movies.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

They do serve Fat Yak, but, which I am given to believe is yak urine.

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