Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reasonable and logical

Harriet is quite reasonable and logical. For instance, she has spent the past half hour going outside through the window, deciding that she doesn't want to go outside at all, and then coming inside through the window again. When we concluded that charade by closing the window, she did the only reasonable and logical thing you could do in such circumstances: she lay on the floor with all four legs cocked up in the air. All very reasonable and logical.*

Now if only someone could explain to me the reason and logic behind it.

*Please note, Harriet is a cat. You wouldn't find a person going in and out of the window for no reason at all, would you? And they wouldn't lie on the floor with all four legs cocked up in the air either. No, they'd prefer to do it on the bed.**

**If there is one thing you learn from this blog, it's this: people are not cats.


Steve said...

I suspect there is subtle contemplation of the Schrodingers Cat experiment going here. "When I'm inside, and no one is looking, are my quantum states superimposed? Yet when I jump outside, I'm clearly just alive. Superimposed; alive; superimposed; alive. This is fascinating."

TimT said...

I wouldn't put anything past cats, devious creatures.

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