Thursday, September 09, 2010


One night, American philosopher William James sat up in bed and wrote this poem:

Hogamous higamous
Men are polygamous
Higamous hogamous
Women monogamous.

Which is funny, because one day several decades later American poet Dorothy Parker wrote:

Hogamous higamous
Men are polygamous
Higamous hogamous
Women monogamous.

So who really wrote this hogamous higamous polygamous monogamous poem? The eponymous William James or the eponymous Dorothy Parker? Or was the poem synonymous? Did they both write it? Or did no-one really write it, thus making its authorship anonymous? Was it just, kind of, you know, out there?

Minimonous monomonous
Some poets are eponymous
Monomonous minimonous
Some are synonymous
Minimonous monomonous
And then some are anonymous
Monomonous minimonous
While others are just plain ignominious.

Let's hope that whoever writes the poem, however they write it, whenever they write it, and whatever the poem that they write is, does a good job of it - because if not it would be an abomination. And that would be abominous.


Bottomus nottomus
Straights are monotonous.
Nottomus bottomous
Gays are lobotomous.
Bugger the lottomus -
Try Love Hippopotamus.


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