Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A limerick about Ned, and other disappointing pieces

A limerick about Ned
There once was a fellow called Ned
But alas and alack! He is dead!
So his verse never finished.
It was rather diminished.

A second disappointing limerick
There once was a woman called - what?
Do you know her name? I've forgot.
Nup. I can't recall
What she did at all,
Which screws this poem up quite a lot.

The disappointment never stops
There once was a fellow called John
Who needed to go to the john.
Which in the circumstances was quite reasonable, really.

Continuing disappointment
I once knew this woman called Elle
Whose legs one day suddenly fell
Off under a lorry,
Which made her quite sorry -
And you, I am sure, are as well.


Aras said...

Disappointment galore, nice.

TimT said...

We aim to displease, thanks.

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