Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bush poetry, maaaaaate

It's tough to be out bush
Where the tofu shops are rare -
And you can't buy a latte
Though you've looked everywhere.

Yeah, they make us rough and rugged
On the wild open ranges,
Us hobby-farming hippies,
And us gardening tree-changers.

For the bushman's life is hard!
And you cannot buy light beer!
And the cafe closes weekends -
Yeah, it's really mean out here!

And the shops are 50 k's away
You have to go by car -
All that CO2 pollution -
And they ain't got no caviar.

And the timetables for the buses
And the trains are bloody frightful.
Yeah, it's tough to be out bush -
But the scenery's just delightful!


Mitzi G Burger said...

The gallahs make an awful racket,
The petrol prices make you upset.
Just when you think you can't hack it,
There's another bloody gorgeous sunset.

TimT said...

We're working on getting pretty sunsets in Melbourne too but I think they're having trouble getting the legislation past the Melbourne City Council. Something about it not meeting the regulations or something like that.

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