Friday, September 10, 2010

Proverbs, antiverbs

Broken Biro has this list of proverbs from all around the world. Things like, 'the trunk of the elephant is longer than the beak of the goose, but the feather of the goose in the trunk of the elephant is like the bottom of the rhinoceros in the face of the monkey,' or 'the three fingered goatherd has the oversized carrot of tranquility in his top-right-hand coat pocket, right next to the racing form.' (More or less.) Well, I looked at the proverbs -

'Every hill has its leopard.'
Bahaya proverb

'Who takes a hut, also takes the rats and cockroaches.
Ntomba proverb.

'Do not grab your heel until the ant has bitten you.'
Ekonda proverb.

And I attempted my own:

The tree is very leafy.
Australian proverb

As you know, making up boring proverbs is a great Australian tradition, performed by me since the dawn of time (by which I mean this morning.) So here are a few more ancient proverbs:

The cat is very furry.
Mgomba proverb

The coffee cup is rather empty.
Yambala proverb

He who attempts to blow his nose produces snot.
Ignocious proverb

The rain is particularly wet and watery.
Tsk-blgn proverb

The two-legged chicken stands firmly on its second, and first, leg.
Proverbial proverb

He who carries a handful of eggs is going to make an omelette.
French-Ungolan proverb

I hope you enjoy this timeless wisdom. (You'd better enjoy it, it took me literally minutes to come up with it.)


brokenbiro said...

Ha ha! LOVE the trunk of elephant/beak of goose/ face of monkey one! *bows down: 'We are not worthy'*

As for the others, well...*gets up again, brushes self down and harumps*

You know what they say: When a man leaves the room with meaningless under his arm, don't ask him where he's going.

TimT said...

The blog is rarely empty, but the mind of the blogger sometimes is.
Australian proverb

Mitzi G Burger said...

She who is pro-verb is most likely active in teaching grammar.

TimT said...

Forgive us our parses, and also forgive those who parsed against us: for we have syntax.

Steve said...

No one wastes wax like a Brazilian.

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