Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recorded for posterity, or whatever comes after that...

"Ah. A toy racoon. Ooh. A handbag in the shape of a cassette..."

One liners inspired by Etsy.

UPDATE! - "Ooh! A cupcake in the shape of an acorn."

"Hmmm! A mini-Trilby for budgerigars."

Please add your own in comments.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Ooh, a dog tutu!


TimT said...

The only thing worse than a dog tutu is a dog muumuu. That would be just confusing.

phil said...

Could be worse, could be a cow muu muu. Moo muu muu.

Incidentally, were I to become a dairy famer, I would name all my cows 'membrane'.

Then they would be the moo-cows membrane.

TimT said...

I wonder if French cows say Meaux.

TimT said...

Then I could write articles about the effects of French cow farts on the climate on this blog with titles like Eaux de Meaux.

This blog being all about important and serious issue like that.

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