Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CD Review

The CD The Souvenir, featuring the work of Russian folk group "Russian folk group" has everything you could imagine and less. Starting with the ravishing album cover, a black and white photocopied slip of paper of four frozen grins standing about in Tsarist costumes, the CD is just full of delights. They will take you back to the sounds and sights of old Russia - a trusty old woodcutter merrily playing away on his saw, for instance, or the anxiety-inducing 'melody on birch tree logs', played on birch trees specifically cut down for the occasion.

You can't get more Russian than this: one track begins with the sound of ducks quacking melodiously over the still waters of a Moscow lake; another, geese honking malodorously over the stagnant fens of a Siberian sewer. In a third, it is said, if you listen very closely, you can hear the sound of mould growing on the Balalaika player's thirteen month old cheese.

This CD can be found in no good music stores, and no bad music stores either, but you can get it at a very cheap price from the Baron and Tim's CD shelf. Come and get it now. PLEASE come and get it now.


Anonymous said...

Er, no.

TimT said...


TimT said...

You know, I'm pretty sure now would be a wonderful time to introduce your charges to the glorious multicultural world of traditional Russian music, what with its birch tree logs and what not.

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