Sunday, July 01, 2012

Things made today


Gouda cheese (in the cheese press at the moment; I'll pop it in some brine tomorrow morning.)

Cottage cheese out of the leftover whey.

Oatcakes, with the whey leftover from the cottage cheese made out of the leftover whey.  

Butterscotch self-saucing pudding, using some more whey (leftover from the leftovers leftover, that is).

Anzac biscuits.

Poached eggs, with mushrooms.


Thank heavens it's a workday tomorrow! I don't have to do anything! Apart from work of course.


Anonymous said...

Good sir,

Glad to hear one has productive Sundays.

I carved a wooden lightbulb

I solved the enigma of String Theory, using a quark, some clag glue, a penknife, and yes...string

I made an antimacassar out of dried gumtree leaves and various twiggages.

I designed a glass hammer, which can be produced on an industrial scale.

I invented a bamboo skateboard for blind people.

I made a ten foot sculpture of Goethe out of paper clips (filched from the workplace)

It is indeed we can all be productive on this wet winter Sunday.

yours aboundingly,

Sir Septipus Ramsbottom of Margate.

Steve said...

Is there a home cheese making website I should visit? And where does one buy a cheese press?

TimT said...

I got one from here Steve -

I'm sure you can find all the details by googling around, our there's probably something in the library.

All told it's not difficult but it pays to be careful when making cheese as obviously small problems may make a big difference to the final cheese.

Winter is the only time really for making some cheeses (especially in Brisbane) as they take a while to mature.

I got a kit from a local supplies shop and I'm sure there's one up your way.

Actually I'd imagine it's quite humid there in Brissie, which would be good for some cheeses. Bries and camemberts and blue veins, I think, like humidity.

TimT said...

Sir Septipus! Long may the noble lineage of Ramsbottoms keeping on Ramming!

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