Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Science news: at last, the discovery of happy bunny fairy land!

The Higgs Boson particle is incredibly small, zings back and forth amongst other incredibly small particles doing inconceivable things in bizarre ways, and apparently scientists have just found it. I have no idea what it all means, you probably don't either, I think the guys doing all those experiments are rather befuddled as well, and, all in all, whatever we have discovered, it is rather confusing. However, we can take comfort from Hillaire Belloc's wise words:

Oh! Let no-one ever ever doubt
What nobody is sure about. 

Apparently, all it took was a gigantic machine costing zillions of dollars that stretched around half a continent, whizzing incredibly small particles at terrifyingly fast speeds and smashing them all into one another, just maybe possibly risking destroying the entire galaxy in the process, and then looking very, very carefully at the results. Less generous souls might suggest that the scientists made it up years ago just so they could get such an incredibly cool device built, but let's not go there. Scientists! They've done it again!

Now, anyway, onto the other mysteries of the universe. Did you know that when I typed 'Happy bunny fairy land' into Google I didn't get any results? You'd think someone would have realised the vital need for a site with 'Happy bunny fairy land' written on it somewhere by now. But nooooooooooooo! Thank heavens this site is here to fulfill all your needs.


Anonymous said...

Of course now if you Google happy bunny fairy land you are directed to some blog or other...

TimT said...

Not many fairies, even fewer bunnies, and not always up to the requisite level of happiness either. Damn, we were tricked!

Anonymous said...

Confessional. When I was in Year Twelve I wanted to be a particle physicist. It wasn't until I went along to the University of Melbourne Open Day and met the (not very welcoming of women) physicists that I changed my mind.

I now know even less about particle physics now than I did then!

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I like asking Americans to say "particle".


TimT said...

Of course Badger's Dozen has been on top of this vital issue for years.

Eminent scientist Dr Blanders S. Wagon conducted a search for the Higgs Boson partickle under his own couch a few issues back.

No really! I can find the issue for you! I just need a billion dollars and a gigantic machine wot I can whizz things around at very fast speeds for a bit.

Tim said...

I hope this cynicism isn't serious, Tim. Particle physics is good for you.

TimT said...

True that. Though maybe not quite as good as happy bunny fairy land.

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