Friday, July 27, 2012

Glass half awful

Or, taking something to gastronomic proportions....

Where else but the net would you find a recipe for biscuits that involves 'one egg', which then advises you that the recipe makes a lot of biscuits, and if you don't want so much, you just need to split the recipe in half?

How do you split an egg in half again? With a knife?

And then there was the time I looked for a whey bread recipe and all the recipes I found involved '3/4 whey'. What? Three quarters whey along with one quarter of something else? Three quarters of the whey produced with using another recipe, and if so, hang on...

I think I will make it my mission, before I die, to submit a recipe to involving measurements like

One metre of flour
Two-tenths of a light year of butter
Four seconds of dark chocolate
a teaspoonful of tablespoons.

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