Friday, July 13, 2012


Australia is one of the "highest alcohol-consuming nations" in the world.

Must admit when I heard this news I thought, "what, that low? We can do better than that!"

UPDATE! - Some of the other joys in that linked interview: the comment that studies reveal a persons behaviour changes after a few drinks. (It's called 'being drunk', I think). Same guy then goes on to say that some wines are cheaper than bottled water and this is a terrible thing (though tap water is cheaper than both bottled water and bottled wine, so what's the problem?) When asked if they want exactly the same approach to alcohol as to cigarettes he says something like, 'not at the moment, no'.

He's from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education. Is that one of these, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

I find Australia pitifully afflicted with temperance compared to my home country. Whereas in my homeland I would see even rats, squirrels, woodpeckers, and moles drunk by the yard arm hour, yet in this abstemious land of lily livered fey alcohol shy weaklings I see nothing but puritan po faced workaholics and smiling botoxed do gooders. It's a disgrace. I am thinking of re-emigrating to my booze sozzled homeland of perpetual debauch.

Yours with a petulant eyebrow,

Sir Spiffings 'Chippers' Moldhavoc

TimT said...

Sir Spiffings! We must strive to emulate the noble record of your native land!

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