Friday, July 13, 2012

We is the what

"Because we are us," said Julia Gillard, making everyone wonder who the us is that the we was.

Was the 'we' who is 'us' the 'they' who was 'them', or would that be confusing the 'they' who was 'them' with the 'them' that was 'those'? And just what did those thems have to do with yours that was theirs, or should I say the was that is us?

It's enough to make the me who is I scratch our heads in bafflement.


Anonymous said...

Hello good sir, the issue of the multifarious Is, which easily morph into a plenitude of wes, is often a controversial issue in the protracted misuse of uss in the field of semantic research. I, we, they, us, and theys (as well as the erotically piquant and nostalgically triggered trope, thees) is indeed contingent upon the needs of a modern society of indiscriminate uss, weses, theys...this indeterminate and downright sloppy use of plural plurals and singular pluperfected plurals pluralised out of pure ignorance, and dare I say it - naughty mischief - is aggravating, disconcerting, and at times brings me (us, them, theirs, and wes) to a point of non return.

yours edifyingly,

Mr Prong Smeckbuffets

TimT said...

Mr Smeckbuffets!

I was almost going to ask 'who is the you' but then I realised that you is the who who we all talk about in that famous saying of ours, 'who do you think you are?' For you most certainly is that 'are'.

Minicapt said...

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