Sunday, July 08, 2012

Where there's a will

So when you make cheese (now here's an enticing and original subject), and you make whey from the cheese, and you make cheese from the whey that you get from the cheese, and you make whey from the cheese that you get from the whey that you get from the cheese in the first place, what do you do with that whey that you've got left over from the whey?

Do you throw it away, the whey? Or is there a way of using the whey so you don't have to throw it away, hey?


Anonymous said...

I think you can feed it to pigs. Or, alternatively make a warm mash for the henny ones.

TimT said...

We made a mash for the chooks all right... but that only used up one teensy little bit of a gigantic overflowing bowl of whey.

In the end we just chucked it down the sink...

Am a little wary of using the leftover whey from the leftover whey for cooking as you add vinegar to separate out the remaining curds. The resulting acidity would, I imagine, be bad for some cooking (ie, bad environment for yeast?!??? maybe?).

I am a pig, but only metaphorically. So maybe not good for me...!

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I think what Epicormic is saying is that we should adopt some pigs, is what I think she's saying. PIGS!

TimT said...

Hedgepigs maybe.

TimT said...

We could make pigmilk fetta!

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