Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Theological possibility

In Genesis, God didn't begin proceedings by saying 'Let there be light.' Instead, he said 'Let there be hligt.' It was all a mistake owing to a confusion over spelling.

According to proponents of this little known theological theorem, God's first creation, hligt, remains with us even today, bringing sweetness and hligt to our everyday lives. Unfortunately, it is not clear what hligt is or what business God had in creating it, but they are certain that it plays a very important, though confusingly unknown, role in creation at large.

However, this sub-school itself has a sub-sub-school of theological studies, who contend that the English language translators of the Bible themselves merely translated a mispelling from the original Hebrew. They argue that in order to get to the bottom of this mystery, we merely have to work out what the Hebrew word for hligt was, and, notwithstanding the fact that they neither know what hligt is, or how to spell or mispell it in Hebrew, or, really, anything about the mysterious mystical mystery that is hligt, they are quite certain they will get to the bottom of matters one day.

And anyway, they propound, God moves in mysterious ways, and none more mysterious than when he first created and blessed us all with the loving mysterious bounties of hligt.  And what a soundly profound propounding that is.


Anonymous said...

I think hligt is what they may well have found at CERN.

TimT said...

I was just going to get to that...

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