Monday, August 13, 2012

A song for Monday

I must go down to the sweets machine, to the sweets machine and the sky,
And all I ask is a bag of chips and a coin with which to buy,
And my chair shall spin by an empty desk, and the wind shall blow in my hair,
And the sound of my feet will echo and echo along the stony stair.

I must go down to the sweets machine, where the queue is great and long,
And the sound of joy shall ring and shall ring the entire office along,
Where the managers call along the hall, and ‘chocolate’ is their cry,
And the talk is of weekend and footy rather than KPI.

I must go down to the sweets machine, while the keyboards all clatter away
For I have been dreaming and longing of M&Ms all the day;
For the lines of tea bags are calling, and my teacup is empty and bare,
And the sound of the hot water falling on china is sweet and solemn and fair.


Anonymous said...

Love the final line, good sir.

TimT said...

Nothing like a spot of tea.

Anonymous said...

Goodly sir,

May I quote a most elucidating text on matters of tea:

'Then tea first arrived in Britain it was not advertised as a beverage, but as a medicine. In 1657 it was considered an effective treatment for gout, and in 1659 the first advertisement for tea, printed by Thomas Garraway owner of the London coffeehouse Garraway's, claimed tea would not only, "...maketh the body active and lusty" but also "...removeth the obstructions of the Spleen..." and "very good against the Stone and Gravel, cleaning the Kidneys and Uriters, being drank with Virgins Honey instead of Sugar" (Ukers 1935: 39). Garaway wanted to convince the British consumers that tea was an effective cure-all, so as to increase his trade.'


Oberon Shimwaank

Anonymous said...

Put John on.

TimT said...

Well I for one have had my dose of spleen obstruction remover for the day.

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