Thursday, August 09, 2012

Obsessio compendia

"Woah," I said, "It'd be great if I could lactate. Then I could make cheese out of it!"

And so, in a graceful, neat, and completely inadvertent utterance, yesterday I somehow managed to combine two obsessions of mine, one of longstanding, the other a recent discovery - lactating males and cheese-making.

Yesterday I also made a partial list of my obsessions. It included -

- Beer making
- Cheese making
- Zine making
- Richmond football club
- The literature of Dan Brown

I should have got together quite a list by the time I am old.

UPDATE! - It probably says something about me- well of course it does, this whole post is about me - but those who know me better will probably not be at all surprised by the revelation about lactating males, but may even be a little shocked by the revelation about Richmond.

Admittedly I'm still working on that little obsession but it's getting along quite healthily at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I'm more disturbed by the words 'literature' and 'Dan Brown' existing together without a qualifying negative word.

TimT said...

Speaking of important literature I spotted a chap reading Fifty Shades of Grey on the peak hour train yesterday. He held it as far away from himself as possible, and as he read he had a half smile of disdain, seeming to blur into a look of complete disbelief, on his face.

Anonymous said...

There was a reason they sold so well in e-book format.

TimT said...

Hehe. You are undoubtedly correct. That said, the other day the Baron spotted three women on the train reading the book, simultaneously.

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