Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The AFL moustache finals

Chris Dawes
Although at times an impressive moustache, doubts have been cast recently about his commitment or staying power in this competition.

Sam Newman
A seasoned performer, however there are doubts his moustache will last through to the Grand Final due to  recent medical procedures.

Chris Mew
While larger moustaches have been seen, the combination of flaming red hair and moustache make him a likely contender for the cup.

Robert DiPierdomenico
One of the stand out moustaches in this competition, with demonstrated tenacity, this one has lasting popularity with the fans.

Robby McGhie
Clipped but impressive, this moustache could be the underestimated player of the competition.

Travis Johnstone
 The moustache/beard combination, while a little untamed, could prove to be a winning team. Fans seem to love it.

Ron Barassi
One of the most reliable performers of the competition. Fans hope to see more displays of the Barassi moustache for years to come.

Mick Malthouse
While the Malthouse moustache carry off the cup again?

Other promising contenders for this year's title included Ray Shaw, Percy Jones, Bruce Doull , and Brian "Whale" Roberts, but they did not make it through to the final eight.

Who will win in this great competition? Place your tips here.


Aras said...

Robert DiPierdomenico, second only to John Stossel.

TimT said...

It's the mo to end all mo's, isn't it.

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