Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Interpretration interpolation

Whenever someone somewhere posts something about their dreams on facebook, twitter, or blog, there is always someone somewhere else who will immediately post on their facebook, twitter, or blog a Freudian analysis of someone else's prophetic divination of another person's symbolic interpretation of that same dream. It's happens so much that a scientist could write a law about it, if they wanted to.

So here you go, here are some dreams that I made up dreamt, specifically for the purposes of such divination. Let's see what your fertile imagination makes of my fertile imagination.

Am on a plane. The plane is full of water. A door opens and in walks Kerry Packer, who shows me his pocket. It contains Lassie, and a banana, which becomes a stair which I walk down with Lassie.

Am having a witty conversation with Dr Sigmund Freud. In the middle of the conversation he lights a match which he then puts to his face and lights up his beard. Then he lifts up a penis and begins to smoke it like a cigarette. Our two cats walk into the room and begin ripping up a television guide. All of a sudden I remember that I have left the oven on, and wake up saying to myself, 'Oh, that refrigerator should be green just about now.'

I dream I am flying. It feels very ordinary and natural, as I am a bird. Down below I spy noted blogger TimT. He has a target on his head. Also, he is wearing only his pyjamas, and is walking to school, which is odd, as he hasn't owned pyjamas for years, and hasn't gone to school for even longer.


vlado said...

You haven't been on any pain killers lately, have you? ;)

TimT said...

Nope! (Read your latest post, btw, so I get the reference!)

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