Monday, August 13, 2012

I didn't even see the strings

Oder, der morgenstern und der abendstern.

I was two bars into a piano reduction of this -

- when a particular eight-legged creature glided down along the left-hand corner of the book and began and elegantly danced around the book for the rest of the tune. Seriously - not only did it slowly proceed from the left to the right hand edge of the book as the tune progressed, following the notes, but it tactfully disappeared behind the pages and then vanished altogether about four bars before the tune ended.


Anonymous said...

Artistic arachnid.

TimT said...

I expect when I get home it'll have woven a musical score into a web above the piano.

Anonymous said...

Much more interesting than 'some pig'...

TimT said...

Also pretty sure the mice in the compost bin are working on a plan to fly around Australia.

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