Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Picked up a copy of Real Time for free while on my lunch break, and it was certainly worth every cent. Just check out this snappy and succint opening sentence: 
Practice-led research in performance throws up some considerable challenges for a form that is largely collaborative and essentially ephemeral.

But the thrills continue with what follows, for
It also generates anxieties: some artists fear they're being transformed into scholars at the expense of their art and are uncertain whether they're enduring a massive undertaking for personal growth, professional development or transformation into a new being, the artist-scholar hybrid.

If you happen to have a copy of Real Time lying around, and you're at home, why don't you have a little fun? You could have quite a jollly little quiz!
Q: What do those who choose professional lives as artists in Australia deal daily with, both in terms of staying creative and staying employed?

A: Ambiguity and risk.
Pick it up at the laundromat, Errol Street, North Melbourne. It's sitting on their door - the one free paper even the laundromat doesn't seem to want.

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