Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Untimations of ummortality

The People Who Worry About Stuff are seemingly always finding new Stuff for themselves to worry about. The latest is permeate. Apparently supermarket milk has it - who knew? Anyway, I got some milk from the shops this morning, and it had a little cheery yellow-star sticker on it saying 'Permeate Free'.

It is about time someone freed the permeate. For too long, permeate has been oppressed by hegemonic milk cartons and brutal shelves of capitalist suppression. I for one support the permeate emancipationists, for now the permeate (whatever it is) can run happy and liberated through the fields, with the wind in its hair (if it does indeed have hair). But that's not all you can do! There must be petitions, protests, banners, and above all, angry facebook pages about the ongoing plight of permeate in today's society. It's the least one should expect.

Then again, taking my misunderestimation of the uninterpretation of this little cheery yellow-star sticker to another level, perhaps 'Permeate Free' meant the milk came with some - free! - permeate. 

Free permeate? Yay! I want my permeate and I want it now! Just pour it in my pocket, thanks, and I'll be on my way.

Free this stuff! (Pic courtesy of UCDAVIS)


Mindy said...

Terrible terrible thing to take something out of milk and then put it back in again. What is the world coming to?

TimT said...

I agree! Down with this thing, whatever it is! There ought to be less of it, and more of whatever it isn't!

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