Saturday, August 04, 2012

Family scrabble conversations

A: "Is Zod a word?"
B: "No! There's no such thing as Zod!"
C: "Doesn't it depend if you're an atheist or not?"

This conversation made me reflect on the complexities of belief in Zod in this modern, scientific world. Who or what is Zod anyway? Is there anyone who can truly say they know for certain that Zod does not exist?  And, above all, why? It all makes me want to express it through song:

Praise Zod Almighty, Zod on high,
Just who or what or why you are,
Praise Zod majestic in the sky, 
Or somewhere equally as far - 

No matter when you are, oh Zod,
Or what you wore last Thursday night,
I'll praise thee with my jerpling cod,
And Zod, it's just as well I might - 

For if the Azodnostics shout,
Or where the Antizodnogs meet each week
To spread their heresies of doubt,
We'll praise thee still with glystic meek - 

Praise Zod! Through thick and thin and thought!
Praise Zod! In black and white and socks!
Praise Zod! I'm doing what I ought!
Praise Zod! And peach and turquoise summer frocks.


Anonymous said...

Hello hello hello? Is Edward Lear hear? Coulda sworn I heard him...something about a jerpling cod?

TimT said...

You mean your cod doesn't jerple? Probably worth getting it checked.

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