Monday, November 14, 2005


Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder
Vodka makes every woman look like Jane Fonda
Laudanum makes you think your girlfriend is a fish called Wanda
While Midori is only drunk by bogan chicks called Rhonda
Who drive a Honda.



Bozwell said...

Bozwell is a Bundy drinker
Just see the state of his liver
You can keep your Makers Mark
And your Vodka for a start
Coz to him there is just nothing sweeter.

jeff said...

There was a great punk song by the all-girl Gymslips called Drink Problem:

We don't care
We're not proud
People say we're a bit too loud
Always drunk
What a shame
Opening hours we're back again

Whisky makes you frisky!
Gin makes you sin!
Brandy makes you randy!
And rum makes you (crunching guitar riff)

Rachy said...

I really do love drinking poetry, I haven't written any in awhile so I might just have to get smashed in the near future to fulfil my literary needs... it's not an addiction, promise, no really IT'S NOT

Would anyone please think of the children?

TimT said...

Sounds great, Jeff. Nice words, Boz, but where are the rhymes? Damn right, Rachel. Here's to the children. Hic.

Bozwell said...

"Nice words, Boz, but where are the rhymes?"

It's all in the phrasing and the rapping mate! I'll perform it live one day and you'll see!!!

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