Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Morning Fun!

Hey, want to have some fun? I know what we can do! We can try to make our own LEUNIG cartoon! That'd be fun! Yeah!

It's quite simple:

Step 1: Draw a picture of a sad man.

Step 2:
Then, for no reason at all, throw in a picture of a duck!

Step 3:
Then throw in some other, completely random, picture. Anything will do!


Once upon a time, there was a sad man sitting by the river.

He was very sad.

Then along came a duck!

All of a sudden, a sofa fell out of the sky and squashed him to death.

He was so shocked, he forgot to be sad about it.


If you want to make a Leunig cartoon, it also helps to have the following:

- Pictures of scary looking women!
- Pictures of teapots!
- Pictures of angry looking men!
- Some sloppily written, sentimental poetry!
- A poorly edited inner-city newspaper for gentrified left-wing voters that will publish your stuff!


Shabadoo said...


muffin said...

Poor man. Before he knew it, BANG!

TimT said...

It just goes to show, always watch out for falling upholstery. You never know when it will DROP in for a visit. Ha ha.

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