Monday, November 07, 2005


Lawmaking: The process of drafting and passing a law through parliament for the public good.

Boremaking: The process of arguing at tedious length in favour of a new law about to be introduced, to the extent that you bore your listeners to sleep. Then you pass whatever law you want and nobody worries.

Filibustering: Delaying normal parliamentary process by speaking for as long as you like on an unimportant topic.

Sillyflustering: Speaking for as long as you like on absolutely meaningless topics, for no reason at all.


Got any blahfinitions of your own?


Jay said...

The sad part is, I nodded at all of those, because they make sense to me.

Myke Bartlett said...

With the definition of "boremaking" I suspect you have uncovered Howard's entire political strategy...

TimT said...

Not to mention the strategy of Beazley, (Crean, Ruddock, Rudd, bla bla bla, etc, etc, etc, etc ...)

*voice trails off into the distance*

I'm surprised that politics makes sense to anybody.

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