Thursday, November 17, 2005

Inaccurate Magazine Titles

Women's Weekly
Monthly magazine.

TV Week
See above.

New Idea
There is nothing new here. Certainly no ideas.

Nope, none of that in here.

Marie Claire
I have no idea who the hell Marie was, and I don't think Claire has anything to do with it.

That's Life!
No, it's a magazine.

Men's Style
Enough said.

Anyone got any of their own? I've never read it myself, so I don't know if Harper's is really Bazaar at all.


Anonymous said...

Index has no index, Glamour and Cosmopolitan aren't (or at least that's debatable), and doesn't the Q in GQ stand for "quarterly"?

The Other Guy said...

I thought TV-Week came out weekly...

oh well.. needless to say.. I don't read it.

TimT said...

Good Weekend: start off your weekend with this, and it'll be A bloody bag weekend.

Sunday Life: if you read this, you have no life.

TimT said...

Oh what, other guy, now you expect me to do research as well? Lay off, man!

vague said...

Seriously, again I have told blogger who I am and again it refues to acknowledge my identity. What is up with that anyway?

TimT said...

Maybe it wants people to fill in both the name and website fields? Time to do a test.

In regards to my previous comment, I meant, of course, to say, 'A bloody bad weekend'. But a 'bloody bag weekend' is quite an interesting concept, too ...

TimT said...

Nope, that's not it. Maybe it's just because blogger is stupid.

Steve55 said...

In Britain, the 'Radio Times' is primarily concerned with TV listings.

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