Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Foucalt You!

Academic words are fun to say and fun to type. I can give you plenty of them: 'Ontology', 'Epistomology', 'Postmodernism', 'Semiosis'. I learnt them all at university, but I sure as hell didn't learn what they meant.

Seems to me there are so many - probably meaningless - academic words and phrases out there that you could get a poem or two out of them. Like this ...

Postexistentisemioprelosophism - a 13 week course

1. How Lacan challenges the Liminal
2. A primer in Epistomology.
3. Why Foucalt Un-defines the Criminal.
4. A brief biology of Ontology.

5. Heidegger: His 'ofness' and his 'isness'.
6. Ferdinand Saussure: his semiosis.
7. Kierkegaard: From 'Busyness' to business.
8. Does reading Derrida cause liver cirrhosis?

9. Jung and the 'Universal Feminine'.
10. Pre-postmodernism, and post-premodernism
11. The politics and ideology of Eminem.
12. What caused the Russell/Wittgensteinian schism?

13. Research: your bibliography,
Footnotes, and mythography.

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