Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Will Type For Food Fashion Watch: A Public Service

Feral shuffling up and down train platform with enormous pieces of fur on either foot. Has multi-coloured dreadlocks and is carrying a collection of wires woven together like a cage.

The feral is obviously employed to slide up and down the train platform, acting as a human broom, to sweep up waste and detritus. The dreadlocks on his head are in fact replacement shoes.
Haven't worked out what the wire cage is for yet.

Little old Chinese lady, face closely resembling a shrivelled up prune, wrapped in a bright red shawl, waddling along platform.

Do not be alarmed. She actually is a shrivelled up prune that vaguely resembles a human. Don't feel bad; I almost made the same mistake myself.

Girl wearing green shoes, black stockings, green skirt, shiny tan jacket, and red jumper with large white polka dots.

Do not be alarmed. She is merely a hippy having an acid flashback. Yes, you are in it too.

Smal Asian women who wrap scarfs around their necks that are so huge, they look like they're being sucked down into them.

These woman are clearly devotees of Jung, and are therefore enacting a return to the womb in order to confront their deep-seated psychological fears about motherhood.

Balding men who roam the platform in suits and ties.

These men are office pets. Whistle and wave a toupee at them to attract their attention; then lure them back into the office with sweets or brightly-coloured crisps before securing them to a chair leg with their ties.


ras said...

I'm wondering what you'd make of my dreadlocks

I'm very interested to know your explanation infact.

TimT said...

Don't hurt me! Fashion mystifies me, I have no understanding of it whatsoever, so this was just my stumbling attempt at a rudimentary set of hypotheses to explain the phenomenon ...

ras said...

Well i know why i have them (something i wanted since i was 16 finally got round to getting them)

But i can see your point...there actually seems to be a stigma between people who have them aswell....they always seem to give me filthy looks.

The hairy boots are crap...i just saw someone at the supermarket with them and tight black jeans...she looked like a hobbit...since when is that fashionable?

While we're on the subject of fashion, i'd like to know what is so fashionable about being cold??? i see so many people walking around with next to nothing on in the middle of winter...and shivering?!!!!

TimT said...

The guy shuffling up and down the platform was actually the inspiration for this post. It was the combination of things - those ridiculous shoes, that cage he was carrying around, and the dreads. But mostly the shoes...

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