Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Possible Faux Pas

- Singing 'Springtime for Hitler' in the Victorian Trades Hall.

- Sieg Heiling Russell in the Hotel Lincoln. Repeatedly. For fun.

- Blogging at length (with some exaggeration for comic purposes) about the rash on my foot.

- Announcing 'My computer jumps about like an epileptic having a fit' to a workmate whose daughter is an epileptic.

- Saying, 'I'm just, um, probably, um, going, er, out ... um ... that is ... and if I get back, it'll be better than if I don't, which ... er ... um ... I'll just holler ... um ... that is ...'. (Note to self: next time, go for: 'I am just going outside, and I may be some time.')

Could be time to read Emily Post's Etiquette.


ras said...

how about a poll on this post

with the option all of the above???

may be? maybe not

TimT said...

Maybe. But must confess, I enjoyed the first four faux pas immensely.

What's the plural of faux pas? Is it faux pases?

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