Monday, June 12, 2006

An Imbibulation Invitation

This comely wench is only one of many attractive reasons to attend the upcoming Melbourne grogblogging, at which you may or may not drink alcohol-based beverages depending on your personal proclivities. The conversation will be convivial or contemptuous, according to your whims, and you will get your chance to seduce all manner of freaks and geeks during the evening: you will, of course, have to run the risk of the event being blogged about the morning after.

Many issues of various importance or non-importance may or may not be talked about, including: the prodigal Tim Sterne,* and his prodigal inability to turn up to such events; when the revolution comes, will it be right-wing wingnuts or left-wing lunatics up against the wall; and who has the better tits - Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie?

It's needless to say, so I'll type it instead: everyone's invited.


TimT said...

Yep, that's really going to stuff up my template, that picture.

Rebecca said...

Hi TimT,
You should apply some HTML to the image, something along the lines of w=400 h=300, or something like that, and it will fit.
But the most imp-ortant thing is, will you be wearing this on the night?

TimT said...

Thanks, every time I changed the size of the picture something screwy happened with the font.

And are you kidding? There's no WAY I'd be seen DEAD in that. Wimples are soooo last year!

Rachy said...

considering I won't be able to make it make sure to take lots of pictures

TimT said...

I'll be sure to, Rachy; when I heard about this a few weeks ago I was still hoping that maybe you'd be out in time for this. :(

Comic Mummy said...

Why don't they do this stuff in Queensland?!??!!

TimT said...

I think they do, but they have various unsavoury characters who turn up to these events ...

ras said...

No Fair!

Ras - where's the beer? - was not in Melbourne that day....

and i didnt know about it!

Bugger...I'll echo Comic Mummy's words

why dont they have these things in Newcastle?

TimT said...

Bloggers in Newcastle are few and far between. I went to a couple in Sydney, though.

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