Friday, June 02, 2006

Still More Fun Pets For Your School!

Procure yourself a plethora of pink porcine pets for your school playground! The children will love seeing the dear little things squeal delightedly and roll around and around in a trough of their own ordure!

They'll teach the kindergarten children a thing or two about cleanliness, and set an excellent example for the budding politicians in your school!


Fatman said...

Also I hear pigs are a great way to get rid of dead bodies*. Another fact that a little politician in the making may need to know about.

* See Snatch, Deadwood or even Hannibal if you must, for a glimpse at the corpse-disposing abilities of your average pig.

TimT said...

Yes, many's the time when I was at public school that I needed to dispose of dead bodies.

I imagine they'd be quite useful at this sort of school, too.

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