Sunday, May 23, 2010

Breaking news, belatedly

I went to the zine fair. As a record of the occasion, I would like to present this series of instantaneous-albeit-seven-hours-after-the-event-tweets-that-just-happen-to-be-on-blogger.

- I am at the zine fair.

- I have made vegan-friendly biscuits. Every time a vegan walks past, they say, "Why hello! How's your day going?"*

- These zines are selling like lukewarmcakes!

- Everybody likes socks. Nobody likes badgers.

- Just said to a person 'Have a good day' but that turned into 'Have a nice day' mid sentence, so it came out as 'Have a gnice day'.

- Gnus often have gnice days.

- Absurdly embarrassed by the fact that everyone else has press names identifying their tables, but I've just got my name. Accordingly I have taken my name out of its plastic sleeve and turned it upside down. That'll show 'em.

- Meat eaters keep on scoffing the vegan biscuits, not so interested in buying the zines. They are truly evil.

- Would anyone like to buy a zine?

- Just realised reason people keep on buying my sock zine is because 'socks' sounds like 'sex'. It's either that or the fetching black and white and grey cover design, combined with the imaginative Times New Roman font.

- I am at the zine fair.

Aren't you glad you waited for this?

*As opposed to the gingerbread, which is made entirely out of meat.


Ben Pobjie said...

I am very sorry I did not come. Everyone at my house is sick and if I had left the house there may have been bloodshed.

TimT said...

That's all right! I was surprised by how simple it all was in the end. I must have sold 25-30 zines in the space of those five hours, mostly to randoms/people I'd never met before. It's a good way of getting new readers/audience. Fun event.

Mitzi G Burger said...

They should have zines on little shelves at the supermarket check-out next to the kinder eggs.

Ampersand Duck said...

You mean they bought zines that inferred sex, but spurned the zine that was all about sex? Fools!

TimT said...

The Badgers Dozens weren't about sex, but Ollie was, more or less. And it was admittedly quite popular. (In relative terms.)

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