Wednesday, May 19, 2010

State of deliciousness!

I just sent this email to Mum:
Apparently, Victorians call Vanilla Slice 'Snot Block'. I learned this just this afternoon while unveiling at work a Vanilla Slice that I had earlier bought up the street, causing everyone at work to chorus, 'Ah, Snot Block'. As you will be visiting in a few weeks, I thought I might pass this invaluable information on to you.

Perhaps we could all go to a cafe and order Snot Block together.


Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Being from NSW, I too am only a recent discoverer of the alternate VIC description of a vanilla slice.

BTW - your captcha is 'eboodleg', which is quite a delightful bunch of letters, actually

TimT said...

Anagram for boogled?

Boogers seem quite appropriate when it comes to Snot Block.

See you at the zine fair on Sunday!

lucy tartan said...

'm astonished that you didn't know this, given that you are a onetime resident of a place not very far (in relative terms) from Ouyen, the Snot Block Capital of Australia.
This post makes me want to eat a vanilla slice.
If I wasn't taking medicine that makes my body go disgustingly crazy at the introduction of sugar I would be buying one now instead of going ot my next tutorial.

LuLu said...

it certainly does get confusing working in a bakery (in SA i might add), when customers cheerily come up to the counter and ask for 'two snot blocks, please', leaving me with a confused and slightly disgusted look on my face.

TimT said...

Despite that Lucy I don't think we ever visited Ouyen. We preferred for some reason to go on jolly 1000 km jaunts to Sydney and Newcastle. Families are strange.

TimT said...

LuLu, I'd be tempted to take out my hanky and give it a good blow when/if customers asked that of me. Not that I'd be in such a position in the first place.

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