Friday, May 14, 2010


You'll have heard by now of Kevin Rudd. He's the guy with the biggest nation-building biggest renewable-energy planning biggest school modernisation programming biggest reform-since-Medicaring biggest social-housing expanding biggest global-economic-crisis wrestling biggest investment-in-cancering biggest Defence-project-undertaking biggest solar-generating-plant-building biggest telescope-building Government in Australia. The only other thing he and the rest of the Government could do to achieve the biggest bigliness in the big area of bigliness would be to be the biggest bigamists in Australia, too. And, you know, maybe they're working on that.

Still, all this big-hearted bigliness opens up a clear line of attack for the Opposition. They could promise to undertake the most medium-sized nation-building program in Australia! Begin the most moderate school modernisation program in the country! They could strive to achieve any number of neither-particularly-large-nor-particularly-small achievements in health, defence, education, and perform a certain-but-not-too-large-amount-of-activity in the general areas of middleness! In short, they could present themselves as an alternative Government with the biggest amount of middling plans for this country, and for the world.

After all, John Howard always said that political parties should underpromise and overdeliver. They could go one better: overunderpromise, and underoverdeliver.

It would certainly give Rudd something to worry, in a sort-of way, about.


brokenbiro said...

Now I know where our new leader (well, half the conjoined twins of leadership - he's the Tweedle D, the other's Tweedle Dem) got his BIG ideas from for a BIG society. It had to be Australia where there's room for big things - I have a collection of photographs... big avocado, giant pineapple, fucking enormous prawn)

I hate the word 'big.' It's too small.

TimT said...

Oh yeah. Now there's a connection I hadn't drawn. Maybe we need more policies about big avocados and pineapples and prawns, etc.

Dad used to work for a council that were tossing about the idea of building a gigantic toilet outside of their town. Because they were called Dunedoo. Thankfully the idea got tossed out of the window.

brokenbiro said...

that would drive you round the (u)bend!

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