Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My very meta metabolism

Stomach, that was a really good idea of you to get a hamburger for lunch. Mouth really enjoyed it and Tongue thought it was pretty good too. But how long before Brain and Eyes notice that we're all sitting right next to a lolly machine, and tell Stomach, Mouth, Tongue, and the rest of them about it? It probably wouldn't be long before Fingers go looking for money, Mouth begins salivating in anticipation, and Legs facilitates the whole sordid process by carrying the whole all of us over to the machine. You didn't plan for that, did you?

It's getting pretty bad, Stomach. Fingers and Hands are already waving about in the air gravitating towards Tim's pocket. And while Fingers and Hands are doing that, you've got to wonder - who's typing this blog post? Brain's going out of his, well, brain fretting about that.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Alright wit, charge up the witometer and cast off a snappy quip from the tips of the fingers, like so: pleased to hear we are not the only collection of cravings that talk to our host human.

TimT said...

Wit, it seems, is witless. I've got nothing. What's wit without wit? It's just 'it'. Just like a pun that doesn't work, and becomes an 'un'.

Hope you enjoyed my itty and unning comment.

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