Friday, July 11, 2008

I still don't know

Sitting at the back of the tram, watching out the rear window as the city receded by, I noticed a rack on the wall with pamphlets sticking out. The text at the top of the pamphlets read, 'DID YOU KNOW...'

Maybe if I opened up the pamphlet, it would have answered the implied question with a completely inconsequential statement such as 'I really like buttons!' Or 'Today, I saw a cloud that looked like an elephant!' That would have been quite interesting, actually. Though more likely it would have been a mind-clobberingly-boring set of details about safety on public transport.

Preferring not to sully the good impression the pamphlet had left on me, I got off the tram a couple of stops later without picking one out of the rack, and headed up Normanby Avenue to my home.

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