Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ian Thorpe

Everyone says it about him. Apparently it's a well known fact, and outspoken members of the group that he is a part of sometimes wish to challenge him about it. But how could they know? What on earth has Ian Thorpe been getting up to behind everyone's backs? What implications does this largely unacknowledged part of his life have to do with how he presents himself in public?

I think it's time this famous Australian was honest with the rest of us:

Is this prominent gay male in fact a closet swimmer?

Look closely at the photograph here. It's not only Thorpey we see here - in the background, we see a swimming pool. But what's it doing there? Does his mother know that he's been going to swimming pools in his spare time? What on earth would she have to say about it? Of course, there's nothing wrong with Ian Thorpe getting up to swimming in his spare time. Many people do it. But shouldn't he be honest about his passion for swimming? Otherwise, he may in fact be tacitly encouraging the swimmophobia of some Australians. And we wouldn't want that, now, would we?

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Tim said...

I hope Thorpe makes a statement by appearing at this year's Swimmer & Diver Mardi Gras in a swimming costume. It's about time he came out of the change room locker.

Maria said...

I think he should take off the shirt, show the mankini and get it over and done with. That secretive smile isn't hiding anything. He might as well be honest about it.

I think Thorpey was just putting out all that hullaballoo about his big relationship and break up with Uncle Toby so he could get his swimming down privately in the background. The perfect masquerade so he didn't have to come out of the swim-closet.

TimT said...

Swimmophobia still exists, unfortunately. Maybe he was worried that this would compromise his lucrative career as a camp icon.

Caz said...

You're right, it's not only Thorpie that we see in the photo, it's also a pair of ironed beige trousers, paired with a white polo shirt.


He's an old man in the making.

He can't fool me.

TimT said...

The plot thickens!

Ann O'Dyne said...

it's chlorine poisoning.

He is a monument and I don't think it's nice to pick on him now that he is older than his cute duckling phase.

I do however, wish that absolutely everybody who is not heterosexual, would just scream it out, so that everybody would be informed that the preference is not a minority group.

Caz said...

Alas, no matter which way you cut it, slice it, or dice it, the numbers are a minority, by any definition.

And no matter how you add it up, no matter how confidential or open the method, the numbers never reach the lofty heights of the estimate of 10% that earlier sex researchers ambitiously claimed.

Somewhere between the 2 - 5% mark is the most robust figure any verifiable and objective source (in the open and promiscuous West) can muster.

That's a minority.

So what?

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