Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Junk food ads for people with eating disorders

A Mars a day helps you blerk, rest and play!

Have a steak. Have a Kit Kat.

Snickers spatters thighs!


Gempires said...

The buttocks are bigger at Hungry Jacks.

TimT said...

If you lived on Mars, they'd be called ... Girth Bars.

Gempires said...

KFC - Finger Stickin' (down throat) Good.

This is getting worse and worse.

redsaid said...

McDonald's: I'm barfin' it!

(Yes, Gempires, you're right. Worse and worse!)

Gempires said...

It's the yoghurt in Yogo that makes Yogo blow (chunks).

Gempires said...

I've got the hots for what's in the jocks with the pox - Dominos.

That isn't even relevant.

Gempires said...

And movies to accompany the food:

Days of Chunder
My Hurl (talkin' bout my hurl...)
The Sound of SpewSick
Cocktail - The Second Coming

Oh dear.

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