Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out now from SMACME products

Theirs was a fairytale wedding... and the separation was even better!

Now you have a chance to share in the memories of that beautiful break up with the Charles and Diana Fairytale Separation Tea Set, complete with this gorgeous handmade Separation Tea Towel, sold together as part of the prestigious SMACME catalogue!

This tea-set also includes:

- HIS and HERS tea cups, complete with legal documents proving that they really are his and hers!

- Bone china decorated with many of the most famous scenes from the Royal Separation, so you can relive your favourite moments of end-of-marital tension and barely-concealed anger, again and again and again!

Just call 1800 SMACME and ask to speak to one of our SMACME customer representatives!

Also currently on the SMACME range:
- "Men and women of Australia: IT WAS TIME!" - The Gough Whitlam scrapbook, as only the most embittered hacks and Labor Party communists remember him. (With bonus THE BUDGET THAT WASN'T economic crisis fun pack!)
- "Heath Ledger, as I allegedly knew him" - a memoir from the Friend of a Great Aunt who once met him at a family get together, or something.


Maria said...

I want a Charlie tea cup. I can really see him as an egg-head.

TimT said...

True. With those ears, he'd make a brilliant Toby Jug, too.

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